Monday, August 20, 2012

giving flight....

It been one year since a group of ladies was formed and began a journey to a new life. We all began taking a class called "Flying Lessons". It was offered by the Artist Kelly Rae Roberts. She formed a group on Facebook for us to all interact as we ventured down a new path that she was helping us navigate. Flying Lessons is for creatives, who want to learn how and why and what it takes to build a creative business.

The info we received was amazing....but even more amazing were the women that have become bonded as a result of our shared journey, our shared hopes and dreams, and now our shared lives. We lovingly refer to ourselves as a "Fly Tribe". We have become so much more than just ladies that took a class together....we have all become better businesswomen, better creatives, and better people because of this course. And I learn from them everyday....

So to celebrate our one year anniversary what could be more fitting than to give something away, the FlyTribe has gathered donations and we are giving away spots in Kelly Rae's Final Flying Lessons Course. 8 spots to be exact, and to make this even better, Kelly Rae herself has lovingly offered to match there are 16 spots available as a gift to you....and you can have a chance at one of those spots just by commenting.... So head over here to our Fly Tribe Blog and comment....and you just may become the recipient of one of the best gifts you will ever receive.

And while you are at it please take a look at the blogs of my Fly Tribe Sisters, and see how they have been inspired to give back in their own lives......

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

one little word...

One Little Word. Can it change your life? Can it change the way you view your life? Evidently the answer is YES. Yes it can. 

I have heard of this trend, program, exercise, whatever you want to call it for a few years now. For some people you choose a word, and for a few, the word chooses you. And you apply it to your life in a way that transforms the way you use it and see it, and in turn see the world and live your life. One such class is offered by Ali Edwards at Big Picture Classes fittingly called "One Little Word". You can read about it here.

This year I decided it would be a good thing for me to participate. I signed up for the class having not yet chosen a word. I had a few bouncing around in my head, but nothing was resonating. I prayed about it, and wrote them down, and said them out loud. But one in particular kept coming back to me. It isnt romantic, or pretty, or poetic, or any of the things that I hoped it would be. But it is the word that needs to be part of my life now and for the next year. 

My One Little Word is "Forward". 

If any of you have read my blog, then you know that I have been suffering from a pretty debilitating depression. A big part of that Depression is from my tendency to look back and see what it is I dont have any more. Whether by my own choices or things that have happened to me...I just dont have them anymore. And I carry a lot of regret and shame for that...and sadness and anger too. That is a great recipe for Depression. But its time to move on. Its time to stop looking back and start looking forward and just be whoever im going to be and live this new life that I have to live. 

We all look for confirmation in our lives for the choices we make. And this time wasnt any different for me. And I got the biggest most beautiful confirmation that "Forward" was the right choice for me. 

I had just chosen my word and I went out on my deck to grab a breath of fresh crisp winter air. As soon as I opened the door and stepped out onto the deck, a large flock of geese flew directly overhead. I just gasped. That is just not something you see in Southern California where I grew up. They were so Glorious and United. But more importantly they knew exactly where they were going, they knew exactly how to get looking back. They were doing exactly what they were created to do. Going forward to the next chapter and cycle and season of their life. They don't question, they just do.

So here I am. Flying to the next chapter...the next cycle and season of my life. And Im just going to do what my Creator created me to do while Im on this earth. Im not entirely sure what that fully entails. But I do know that it does include making Art. Its how I express myself of course I had to create to honor my word. 

I have had this canvas sitting around for many months. I have even shown progress pics of it here on my blog. But,  I just couldnt figure out how to finish it, or the words that it needed. And now I know why. It was meant for this project, for this moment, for this "One Little Word". While it doesn't say my 'word', it does express what the word means to me, what the geese illustrated to me.

I am associated with a great group of artistic souls that are also revealing their Words as well. We call ourselves The "FlyTribe". So I invite you to join my FlyTribe as we all announce or Word for the year. We are having a blog word hop today. The list is posted on our group site and we hope you enjoy reading about our words.  Just click the pic below to take you there.

 Thank you for joining me here and reading about my struggles and victories, and taking the time to comment, and always being such an encouragement to me. It means more that you will ever know.

I hope that this New Year brings you all you hope for. And that you too can move "Forward" with all that this life has for you.....

Love and Blessings...Kelley