Saturday, November 5, 2011

art everyday - 5

Even though I'm feeling puny today (what my father in law used to call feeling sick), managed to get some progress made on this piece. I built the tree up with some tissue paper and matte medium. Can I say how much I love using this stuff?!! I do not know where I got it or how it showed up in my Art supplies. But I love it!! It's Dress pattern Paper without the patterns on it. It's just brown tissue paper, But its so fun to work with and layer. Very simple, but Ive always preferred simple.....

Now I'm off to wrap up in my Down throw which I love, drink some tea, and maybe catch up on some Dexter. Almost done with Season 5, and then I can watch this Season that's waiting for me on my DVR....

Hope your day is filled with warmth that surrounds you like a down blanket, and of course lots of Artsy goodness.

Kelley xo


  1. Kelley, sorry you feeling puny today and hope you're back perky again soon! Thanks for sharing your technique. I love your colors -- so earthy but in a colorful way. And your little birdcage is just too cute.

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon...lovely work with the tissue and I am also a fan of matte medium. You have great texture there with the tissue paper....fantastic idea for tree bark.

  3. We used to use that word in our house as well!
    Love that you still got to get in some art time.
    Feel better soon!

  4. The progress is looking great. I've never used pattern paper before. Good idea! Even with the pattern lines on it, I bet it would still look great in collage works.

  5. So sad to hear you don't feel well - my mom used to use the term "feeling puny", so I knew just what you meant. I love the brown tissue paper, too, although I haven't worked with it much. I just like the look of it - I have been stamping on it and tucking it away so that when I'm ready for it, it will be ready for me! I am enjoying watching your process on this piece.

  6. So sorry that you aren't feeling well. I just found your blog today through AEDM, and I can't wait to see where this piece is going (the finger painting one too - that looked like fun!).

  7. Oh no, sorry to hear you're feeling 'poorly' as I'd say, but what a great word 'puny' is! This looks like it was a good project to do, I love tissue paper :)