Monday, November 7, 2011

art everyday - 7

I cant draw, which is why I rarely sketch...but, I was going nuts laying on the sofa, trying to combat whatever this bug is. I was unable to nap and feeling a bit restless, because I feel as though if I give up on creating everyday, I wont keep going. So I drug my pounding head into my Art Room, and scrounged up my neglected sketch pad and a charcoal pencil. Remembering my post from yesterday, and the beautiful flowers in my new Blue Ball Jar, I decided to give it a go.....

Will it find its way to a canvas someday? I'd like to think so. In the mean time please be kind to this Artist that can't draw....I am sick after all ;)

Hope your day is filled with lovely sketches of things that make you smile.....

Kelley xo


  1. I think you need to remove "can't draw" from your resume. :) Feel Better!!!

  2. I truly love it, Kelley! It looks so natural and free:) You can draw:)


  3. looks like a drawing to me Kelley! I hope you feel better soon;D