Sunday, November 6, 2011

art everyday - 6

Today wasnt much of a Art Room day. But I found a few things that I hope will help "create" an Art Space I'm inspired to work in.  Although I'm still feeling "puny", I had to get some grocery shopping done. But the best thing about grocery shopping is that there is an Antique Mall right next I drug my puny self over there in search of shelving for all my Art Space, hoping to find something unique to put my printer and all my Art and packing supplies on. I found something a bit out of the ordinary, but oh so yummy.....

I know it doesnt look like much here, but this is a four shelf unit that stands about 6ft tall and is about 4 ft. wide. My best guess is it was used in a restaurant for storage of some sort.  But it is all sorts of chippy, shabby, rusted goodness, yet still very sturdy. Major Score!! And the best part, it was only $25.00....yeppers! Feel pretty good about that one :)

I have also been collecting Mason Jars, and found a couple that were pretty cool. A pretty blue "Ball" one and an older "Hazel Atlas" one with a great rusty lid and mechanism!

I filled the blue one with some flowers to brighten up my Art Space.....

Hope your day was filled with creating things that make you smile, and that you are all happy and healthy.....

Kelley xo


  1. twenty five dollars?? wow!! what a deal. if we had an antique store next to our grocery store, i'm afraid we would never eat!!!

  2. Can't wait to see your space with the shelves -- what a deal! I love mason jars, something homey about them.

  3. You definitely scored on that shelving! I like things to look rusty and old, too - I am not a big fan of shiny metal. I hope you show pics when you get it set up and organized - hint, hint!